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Launch Of Livepeer.Academy

We proud to announce the launch of Livepeer.Academy! This has been a project of interest since we started producing How To Videos and wanted to curate them into a community place for people to learn. We hope this will be a resource to provide education and community driven support for the Livepeer Ecosystem. Thank you

Titan Node Update

Titan Node has been steadily building LPT stake and we want to thank YOU our delegators. We just passed 87K LPT in stake. This benefits our delegators with daily LPT rewards, also provides transcoding rewards in ETH to each delegator relative to stake. Thank you for supporting Titan Node and Livepeer to build a better…
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The Future of Livepeer

Introduction I have been asked this question a few times so I have decided to write this post about the current services of Livepeer and the future implementations Livepeer could bring to the decentralized world. This may be helpful for new comers that want to learn about Livepeer and have an idea of where Livepeer…
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Launch Of Titan Node 2

Hi Delegators, We are preparing launch of Titan Node 2. This will be our second Orchestrator Node located in North America for testing and benchmarking practices. It will also be a separately managed node with differing Fees cuts. The purpose of this node is to increase the reliability and performance all Titan Node Orchestrators. Feel…
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Titan Node Launches

Titan Node is a group of Livepeer enthusiasts across Western North America who have been a part of the crypto community since 2013. Some of our members joined the Bitcoin Foundation in 2014 and have been active in contributing to the growth and development of the crypto ecosystem since then. We built Titan Node with…
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