Livepeer Video Mining Pool

Titan Node is committed to providing top quality Transcoding and Staking services to all of our delegates.

We practice continual improvements to maximize efficiency from transcoding revenue.

Secure. Global. Proven reliability and returns. Low latency. 24/7 uptime. Built like a Titan.


Titan Node

Below are details about our LivePeer (LPT) Transcoding node and the benefits of delegating to Titan Node.

For updates on our fees please visit our Livepeer Forum for annoucements. 

Fee Updates

LPT Rewards – 6% to 25% approx.
ETH Rewards – Relative to stake amount


LPT Reward Cut – 30% (current)
ETH Revenue Cut – 95% (current)


Types of GPUs we accept:
RTX 40xx series
RTX 30xx series
RTX 20xx series
GTX 10xx series
Quadro series
And many more!

See Full List Here

Server locations:
– Los Angeles
– Toronto
– New York 
– London
– Frankfurt
– Singapore
– São Paulo
– Tokyo (low traffic)
– Mumbai (low traffic)
– Johannesburg (low traffic)
– Sydney (low traffic)

How To Videos

View our list of tutorials to get your started with Livepeer.

1. How To Buy Livepeer on Uniswap

How to buy Livepeer (LPT) tokens on Uniswap in three easy steps.
Easily connect your Metamask account and get started with Livepeer today.

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2. How to bridge LPT between L1 and L2

Learn how to bridge ERC-20 Tokens between Layer 1 and Layer 2 Arbitrum. We cover topics such as using the Arbitrum Bridge, Exchanges, AMMs, Swapping, Routers and more.

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3. How To Stake Livepeer

Learn how to Stake, Move Stake, Unstake and withdraw ETH rewards on the Livepeer Network.
These are 4 must have lessions to get you started with interacting on the Livepeer Network.

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4. How To Earn Massive Returns

Picking the right Orchestrator can be daunting.
In this video we will be going through how to evaluate a Livepeer Orchestrator and earn high returns.

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Chat with us on the Lifepeer Forum!

Titan Node Updates

Below are a list of updates and announcements from Titan Node.

Titan Node Expands Global Reach with Four New Ingest Nodes

Titan Node Expands Global Reach with Four New Ingest Nodes In an exciting development for the world of transcoding services and video infrastructure, Titan Node Pool is making significant strides[…]

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Launch of Titan Node Pool NFTs

Welcome everyone to the initial launch of Titan Node Pool NFT collection! We are excited to announce a small collection of achievement NFTs for our pool of video miners. With[…]

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Livepeer: The Bear Market Savior

  Key Takeaways: ETH mining provides static rewards and ETH price greatly affects profits for miners Video Mining ETH rewards fluctuate based on free market As ETH price drops, Video[…]

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Titan Node – Built like a Titan.

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